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Within all of us lies the potential to achieve what ever we choose.

It is us who prevents it ... all it takes to resolve, is personal responsibility and courage !!

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The Law of Accident


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The Universe is an orderly and perfect place, governed by a set of unbreakable laws. As is true with the physical laws of nature (gravity, action / reaction etc.), Universal Laws apply to everyone and everything, at all times – there are no exceptions – whether you know about them or not. In fact, there are more than one hundred and fifty of these laws, but there are seven core laws from which all the others originate. In this article, we will focus on the second of the LawAccident2core seven laws – the Law of Accident. All seven are on the web site.

The Law of Accident is the inverse of the Law of Control, and states that an individual will have low levels of self-esteem and feel negative about themselves, to the degree that they feel they are not in control of their destiny and decisions. Individuals, who do not live by the Law of Control, must then by definition live by the Law of Accident.  

Put another way – this law is fundamentally about choice. Do you want to start creating for yourself – start taking charge of your life rather than wonder around and say the world is against me. It is your choice – choose.

We know that high self-esteem is a key ingredient to achievement and success in life. Living life by the Law of Accident, and the resulting low levels of self worth, must then dictate diminished success, personal hardship, feelings of emptiness and worst of all, victim-hood.

Those who live by the Law of Accident tend to be habitually negative in their outlook on life and situations.

They have an uncanny ability to take a very positive situation and put a very negative spin on it – in other words, they look for the dark cloud surrounding every silver lining!

They are reactive rather than proactive – they wait for something to happen and then must react, rather than taking steps in advance to avert potential problems. They feel they are victims of circumstance and are quick to assess blame and make excuses when things go wrong. They have no sense of personal responsibility because in their minds, it is always somebody else’s fault.

All of this can be distilled down to one crucial fact – whether one lives by the Law of Control or the Law of Accident, is all a function of awareness level. People who are very self-aware and who think for themselves are the people that live by the Law of Control. They are personally responsible, and are therefore response-able (able to choose their responses). Those that are unaware by contrast, live life by the Law of Accident. They are unaware and do not choose their responses to any situation – rather they react out of habit with conditioned responses that have been learned over a lifetime.

We are all familiar with individuals as described above - in fact, you may even fall into the trap yourself! If you do, you are not alone; the reason being that fully 95% of society today lives by the Law of Accident. This is a staggering number, but is also sadly true. Simply take a look around and you will see the evidence everywhere – poor performers in the workplace, road rage, escalating crime rates, full prisons, liability litigation etc. are all signs of a very unaware society that absolutely lives by the Law of Accident.

If you want more out of life then take control by choosing to change. Take the first step today - accept the fact that you are responsible for everything that has happened in your life to this point. It does not matter how you got there. The point is you can choose to change it now. Make positive, thoughtful choices which will move you closer to your desires. Become aware of your thinking. When negative thoughts attempt to infiltrate your mind, push them back – replace them with positive images and thoughts.

Determine what it is that you want in life, build plans to achieve your desires and then focus exclusively on what it is that you want. Adopt the attitude that it’s not what happens to you that counts – it’s how you react that makes the difference. Science shows us that it takes 21 days to break or create a habit. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be on the path to creating positive habits, taking control of your life and ultimately, overcoming the Law of Accident.

About the Author:

Peter has particular effective techniques in identifying what is going on within oneself, why is your life like this, what is going on, what is your thinking pattern and belief systems. Once identified, we then decide what it is that you want to do about your life situation. This is where you take control, take personal responsibility and choose to change what ever it is you want to, you then replace them with something substantially better. Peter has seen many clients’ lives change completely within weeks of a consultation. You can also do it.

Peter’s sessions are powerful, quick to resolution and bring about long term healing. Peter does not believe in long term therapy and in most cases between 5 to 10 hours of process work can sort out most problems be they business, personal or illness.

Peter is a Business Consultant, Life Coach, Healer, Teacher as well as a Business & Personal Coach. He is an expert in the areas of Leadership, Self Empowerment, Healing and Personal Development and in integrating these several, seemingly different, disciplines, Peter is successful at this as the result of personal experience - a solid business background combined with a passion, and gift, for personal development and helping others.

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Please read these articles hyper linked below. They contain gems that will assist you to gain some insight into yourself and why this happened to you and how you got there. The real crucial thing is for you to understand, in some way – unconsciously – you put it there. All you need to do is discover how you did it then you can undo it. You can overcome it, many have already around the world. Because we are all constructed in the same way, we all have access to the same healing possibilities, if they can heal so can you. The final issue is that it is your choice!!.

Here are the articles on the web site., enjoy and ponder – these are pointers for you.  God bless you.

My Unconscious Belief Systems.

The Universal Laws and how they affect you. Once you understand them you can get them to work for you. Look also at the Universal Law of Belief Systems – it will amaze you.

The wonderful world of Quantum Physics. See how this actually is the mechanics of the laws and the belief systems. Once you get this and use it to your advantage you will never look back. Never!!

Also look at the law of attraction and your belief systems. You will see how it is that you have attracted this to yourself to facilitate your growing. Learn it, the sooner you do the sooner you get better.

Now you may or may not fully understand all of the above. Contact us to teach you how to overcome it. If you can do it in your own – well done and God bless you. Please pass your insights and learning on.

Thank you - Peter


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