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Healing Bones and Joints ailments


  • Broken bones, Osteoporosis


  • Dislocation
  • Gout
  • Joint stiffness
  • Inflammation of the joints
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis


HealingBonesJoints2The three above represent the three main types of tissue in the body.  From a symbolic point of view the three parts represent the;

    • Hard tissue, as in bones and teeth
    • Soft Tissue as in the flesh, fat, skin, organs, muscles, ligaments and nerves
    • Fluids as in blood urine, water and lymph.

These correspond to the three states of being within us.

Hard tissue

This corresponds to our core beliefs; the skeleton forms the supportive inner frame work of the body, fundamental to the health of the whole, just as our beliefs give support and give meaning to every aspect of our lives,

Soft Tissue

This corresponds to our psychological attitudes and thinking patterns; or put another way our thoughts / belief systems and experiences that have lead to our belief systems directly affect the state of our nerves and organs of our body, and are visible in the condition of of our muscles, skin and flesh.


This corresponds to our emotions and feelings – we often say we boil with anger or overflow with love. For instance we can see that the blood flows through the heart and it carries our love for ourselves all round the body and distributes the love that is reflected through out our being.


The bones are the densest form of energy in the physical body, just like the rocks and stones are the representation of the earth, HealingBonesJoints4they support and sustain the body in its form. The bones facilitate that the bones are able to move in the way that they do, That movement in turn facilitates that the fluids are able to move in the body. The bones also house the bone marrow which stores the nutrients required for the body. It nourishes us with minerals, salts and nutrients and produces vital immune cells as well as red blood corpuscles. The outer tissue forms a hard strong resilient framework upon which our whole being is built. 

In the same way we cannot live with out bone (read structure and our principles of life), so we are not truly alive without being in touch with the deepest apart of our psycho/spiritual being, with the impulse that gives life meaning. Just as our bones support us in our physical being and give life to muscles and fluids, so our core beliefs (principles) give us constant strength and support while finding expression in our life style, behaviour and relationships. So then we can say that problems arising from our bones, therefore, represent conflict within the deepest parts of our being.

This brings us to broken bones

If our belief systems become stiff and rigid and limited, our physical movement will reflect this. A broken bone is a sign that we are not being flexible enough – there is a resistance to going with the flow. When there is a resistance to going with the flow we break.   Therefore a broken bone represents a deep spilt or conflict at the very centre of our being. So some important questions need to be asked here when a break occurred, namely;

  • HealingBonesJoints6At the time of the break in the bone did you feel fractured, split or broken into pieces?
  • Are you going in one direction yet inside you are longing to go in another direction?
  • Are your loyalties being divided
  • Are you getting the support you need?
  • Can you no longer stand the pressure on your own?
  • Is there a need to reassess what you are doing and why are you doing it?
  • Are your deepest beliefs being questioned?
  • By taking the time to see the effect of the broken bone on your life, what is it that you are seeing,
  • What is it that it is stopping you from doing?
  • What is it that it is making you do?
  • Are there benefits to this for you that you did not have before? Something like rest and asking for help – something most of us are not very good at.
  • What is the benefit of the rest while we wait for the bone to heal – what is it that we see in our life that we need to pay attention to.

Taking this a bit further to Osteoporosis

The primary cause in this the loss in bone mass, this may be due to hormones – common in women after menopause, making the bones brittle and liable to fracture. Osteoporosis implies a thinning of life force flowing through the bones and in the etheric body. This may be due to a sense of giving up, of feeling helpless or hopeless. After menopause, a women can feel / believe her reason for being has gone and there is no impulse to create a new direction, to find a new purpose. Some pertinent questions need also to be asked here, namely;

  • Do you feel a loss of purpose now that the potential for motherhood is over?
  • Do you feel that you have lost your womanhood and femininity?
  • Have you found a new direction in your life that is just for you and is not related to being a mother or a wife?
  • Have you lost the support or attention of your partner?
  • The strength of the bones are at stake, as is the strength of our core feelings, our inner purpose for being. The bones are connected to spirit, so we need to raise our spirit, to bring it into action, rather than let it fade away. What can you do to bring more vibrancy and spirit into your life? See my article on menopause.


If we think about expressing ourselves using our arms we understand that the joints must then represent the joining up of our thoughts and our feelings. HealingBonesJoints8They give us movement and action or expression. Through joints in our body we can give expression to or have the freedom to dance, jump, hug, and hold. They facilitate our ability to move with grace and ease, or with jerky and disjointed action. The action is a direct reflection of our psycho / emotional attitude. The joints also give us stability and balance to the whole body. 

More information can be gained as an indication of what is going on when the particular part of the body has been affected by the issues below, such as say and ankle – this is where our support is being tested, not just from the others around us , but from the inner support system we have built up or ourselves – which consist of psychological and emotional beliefs that give our lives meaning and purpose.

To go though each one in this article would make it a forty pager!!. It was felt that if further information was needed by someone they could contact me personally.

Inflammation of the joints

Inflammation is generally connected to something not being expressed in some way and has become blocked. This is connected to movement and communication and indicates a fear of the future, or a resistance to what is happening eg.;

  • HealingBonesJoints10a build up of angry or irritable emotions,
  • or an inability to say what it is that we are really feeling.
  • So lets ask some really pertinent questions here, namely;
  • What is making you feel so hot or fired up on the inside?
  • What is so irritating that is restricting your expression? And why don’t you express what it is, what is holding you back?
  • When the joints are sore or inflamed then the feelings being expressed are often critical, irritated, or inflexible ones, so we need to release the cause of those feelings. What is needed to loosen the joints?
  • More forgiveness, Acceptance, Love for your self?

Joint stiffness

This follows closely on the above. If the joints become stiff or unable to move, then where has our thinking become rigid or unbending, critical or dismissive? Rigid joints become useless – they lose there purpose which is freedom of movement – the relationship between thought or emotion and expression is lost. We are now unable too use the part that has become stiff. Stiff joints then imply that we are not expressing our deeper feelings, there is a lack of freedom, a holding on to old ways of being or a pushing away so that we wont have to expose our deeper inner feelings.


Again a slight follow on from the previous to issues. Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa or fluid filled sacs in the joints that HealingBonesJoints12normally prevent friction. Bursitis often develops through excessive use, as in tennis elbow. As the Bursa are filled with liquid, this indicates an emotional irritation or inflammation – our feelings are building up on the inside and this is restricting our ability to, to express ourselves.  There may be inner sadness, anger, or unresolved guilt. So now again we can ask some pertinent questions, namely;

  • Are you feeling resentful at all the work that you are doing?
  • Do you feel that you are not being appreciated?
  • What kind of action is needed to release the pressure?
  • Rest is essential but, in taking rest, what happens? Does it shift the weight of responsibility to others?


To dislocate means that we have lost our movement or our ability to move and express in some way. Having lost our ability to move implies that we cannot move forward easily. Putting a bone out of joint means that or indicates that we are feeling put out, have lost contact with our centre, or perhaps have lost our standing or place in the world. It also signifies difficulty in expressing our feelings. Lets ask some pertinent questions here again, namely;

  • Do you feel put out by something?
  • Is the direction you are going causing confusion or uncertainty?
  • Is your activity contradicting you’re your inner feelings?
  • Do you feel pushed out of place?
  • What do you need to get realigned? To reconnect with the flow?


HealingBonesJoints14This is caused by the build up of uric acid in the joints. It is more usual than not for this to be reflected in the big toe. Uric acid is normally removed by the urine, which is the body’s way of releasing emotions that are finished with, no longer needed, or poisoning our system. If we do not begin to release these old emotions they begin to get stuck, to solidify and crystallise, causing rigidity and inflexibility.   Gout is an expression of being stuck. Do you feel stuck in your present direction? There is also anger involved, as the joint becomes red and swollen, full of hot emotion. Can you find the emotion, what is it that is not moving or unmoving? If we cling to the past, we are unable to move forward. Are there past issues that are very important to you? As gout is found more often in the elderly, holding onto past memories is often a contributing factor.


This is an inflammation and a slow degeneration of the joints, a wearing away, creating a stiffness and pain especially in the weight bearing joints. As the main function of the joints is to provide movement with ease and fluidity, such a condition implies a deep resistance or fear of movement. The inflammation HealingBonesJoints16implies a long build up of toxic thoughts or attitudes, such as anger, irritation or frustration, either with ourselves or or someone else. Arthritis is often associated with an overly critical attitude (upright and unrelenting) and with bitterness or resentment (which brings stiffness and pain) as if these attitudes are wearing away our joy and appreciation.  The lack of movement implies a hardening of our attitude towards life.
Are you getting so deeply frustrated or irritated that these feelings are limiting your ability to be gracious or loving? Do you dislike spontaneity and find it hard to relax? Is it difficult to receive? Arthritis brings up issues of control, as we slowly lose control over our joints, Do you find it hard not to dominate or demand attention. Or do you feel that you are being controlled  by some one or something (often a sense that everything has to be perfect) and this is making you angry or resentful? What is wearing you down so much? What can you do to release some of the tightness in your life?

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is an autoimmune disease where our own immune system attacks the membrane of the joints due to an abnormal rheumatoid factor in the blood. The blood represents our love that is taken all round in the body including the joints., when we find that the blood is carrying something that it should clear either through the kidneys or the liver, that implies that there is something that we don’t want to get rid of, we want to hold on to it. This illness means that movement and change becomes are very limited, and the joints become rigid and painful. This disease seems to appear in a lot of people who were very active and now life is not so active any more. This can be the case for any one such as say an athlete. While they were very busy training or working, they were hiding the internal rigidity, or perhaps a tendency to be over disciplined and self critical. There may also be a tendency to feel that they have to give to others but not give to ourselves, leading to repressed anger. Anger needs expression to be rid of from the body. Some may have been able to channel that HealingBonesJoints18energy into that activity that occupied them previously such as athletics, but this did not address the underlying issue that was building up in the body and the psyche. When they retire from the activity they have nowhere to channel that energy or to put those feelings. They are generated but have nowhere to go as the past patterning is to ignore them and immerse ourselves in that activity, so now they look for a place to be stored and the joints are the perfect receptacle.

The auto immune aspect of this affliction implies an overly self critical or judgemental attitude, perhaps combined with a low self esteem. So lets ask some really pertinent questions, namely;

  • Do you feel stuck in a negative or criticising mode?
  • Are you feeling resentful or bitter about something or someone?
  • Do you lack assertiveness and, feeling inhibited, find yourself unable to act in someway that you really want to?
  • Are you destroying yourself with guilt or shame?
  • Do you have a tendency to to undermine your self through criticism or a lack of self respect?
  • Due to the condition, arthritics often have clenched fists – is the fist really indicating a desire to hit out at some one or something?

Movement is essential, especially going with the flow and allowing flow to happen. Life is movement, so the more stuck we are, the more lifeless we become. There can be a feeling of having lost our sense of purpose, a self dislike eating away at us so that there seems no point in doing anything. No longer able to do what we did before, we need to be able to find a new way of being, a softer, and a more self appreciative way.
Positive thinking on it’s own will not solve all of your problems, however it is one of a series of things that we all have the power to implement which will get us on the path to leading the life we want.

About the Author:

Peter has particular effective techniques in identifying what is going on within oneself, why is your life like this, what is going on, what is your thinking pattern and belief systems. Once identified, we then decide what it is that you want to do about your life situation. This is where you take control, take personal responsibility and choose to change what ever it is you want to, you then replace them with something substantially better. Peter has seen many clients’ lives change completely within weeks of a consultation. You can also do it.

Peter’s sessions are powerful, quick to resolution and bring about long term healing. Peter does not believe in long term therapy and in most cases between 5 to 10 hours of process work can sort out most problems be they business, personal or illness.

Peter is a Business Consultant, Life Coach, Healer, Teacher as well as a Business & Personal Coach. He is an expert in the areas of Leadership, Self Empowerment, Healing and Personal Development and in integrating these several, seemingly different, disciplines, Peter is successful at this as the result of personal experience - a solid business background combined with a passion, and gift, for personal development and helping others.

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Please read these articles hyper linked below. They contain gems that will assist you to gain some insight into yourself and why this happened to you and how you got there. The real crucial thing is for you to understand, in some way – unconsciously – you put it there. All you need to do is discover how you did it then you can undo it. You can overcome it, many have already around the world. Because we are all constructed in the same way, we all have access to the same healing possibilities, if they can heal so can you. The final issue is that it is your choice!!.

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Now you may or may not fully understand all of the above. Contact us to teach you how to overcome it. If you can do it in your own – well done and God bless you. Please pass your insights and learning on. Thank you - Peter


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